« Croppal, A New Database Of Valuable Protein Information For Economically Important Crop Plants »

« CropPAL, a new database of valuable protein information for economically important crop plants – Bringing valuable data to light for global crop research

A new database of valuable protein information for economically important crop plants will be a significant resource for crop improvement and global food security.

CropPAL is a new catalogue of location information about barley, wheat, rice and maize proteins which has arisen out of global research.


Proteins represent the building blocks of all living cells. In order to improve crop plants to cope with rising temperatures, drought, flooding and salinity, protein function and location must be known.

A greater understanding of proteins in crop plants will enable more targeted breeding of crop species in the future.

As an open access research tool where protein location information is collated, cropPAL is a valuable asset to assist plant researchers, biotechnology companies and the crop breeding industry.

“A lot of research data is scattered, and remains under explored,” says Dr Cornelia Hooper, lead researcher on the project from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology at the University of Western Australia.

“Pulling all this data together into a single database makes for a very powerful research tool.”

The resource will accelerate solutions that address challenges such as drought, salinity and nitrogen starvation in major global crops. (…)

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