“France Proposes Carcinogen 1B Classification For Titanium Dioxide”

“26 November 2015-Industry says substance should not be classified in any way
The French authorities have submitted an intention to propose a harmonised classification for titanium dioxide as a category IB carcinogen. The intention says the proposal was submitted recently, but details have yet to be published.
Classification as a category 1A or B carcinogen has significant implications under REACH as:

it is a criterion for nominating substances of very high concern (SVHC) under Article 57a;

and substances with such a classification should be restricted in consumer applications – of which titanium dioxide has many, including some using the substance in its nanoform.

The dossier proposing the classification was sent to Echa by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (Anses).
In response to the proposal, the Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association (TDMA) said the industry assessed the substance’s classification as part of the REACH registration dossier submission back in 2010.
This, it said, « involved an extensive review of all available scientific data and, since then, [the dossier] has been updated with new findings and subsequent studies.

“Based on assessment of the high quality studies, industry and consultant experts have concluded that titanium dioxide should not be classified in any of its forms for any end points. This is supported by the findings of epidemiology studies of 20,000 workers in 15 titanium dioxide manufacturing plants over several decades, which showed no adverse health effects from occupational exposure.
The trade body will review the Anses’ proposal when it is published and provide a detailed response to the Echa public consultation.(…)”

RoI entry : http://echa.europa.eu/web/guest/registry-of-submitted-harmonised-classification-and-labelling-intentions
Corap justification document : http://echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/37e258fd-f57a-4957-b978-4f18fe593938