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Thèmes Développement durable : Colgate et économie d’eau, L’Oréal-Croissance et développement durable compatibles, P & G et énergies renouvelables

“Colgate Urges Consumers to Save Water”

“All sports fans like stats and more stats. Here’s one to chew on: the average American wastes four gallons of water a day when he or she brushes her teeth. That eye-popping number was enough to convince Colgate to spend millions of dollars to create and run a 30 second spot during Super Bowl L. The company will use its time on the national stage to tell viewers to turn off the faucet when they brush their teeth. The “Save Water” ad originally appeared in Latin America, and it ran on TV in the US in the first quarter of the year, though it didn’t get much attention. It marks the oral care division’s debut as a Super Bowl advertiser. Colgate-Palmolive advertised during the Super Bowl in 2013 with a commercial for the Speed Stick deodorant brand.
“It’s an unusual type of messaging, it’s not really about a product or new news on a product,” said Scott Campbell, general manager for integrated marketing communications, North America at Colgate-Palmolive. (…)”

“L’Oréal Says Growth And Sustainable Development Are Compatible – No Need To Greenwash”

“Carbon emissions and sustainable development are in the spotlight at the moment with the COP21 climate change summit happening in Paris and L’Oréal, who is presenting in its home city, says that there is no reason the company cannot make market gains and be sustainable.
Speaking at COP21, Alexandra Palt, Director of Sustainable Development and CSR at L’Oréal, who also welcomed French President Francois Hollande to the event, says that for the Paris-headquartered firm growth and sustainable development are compatible.
« Economic growth can be linked to the business and sustainable development, it is possible to be efficient while leading an ambitious sustainable development policy, » she says.
Also speaking at the event, as part of the LaPosteLive panel discussion, company CEO Jean-Paul Agon adds: “the beauty industry has low carbon emissions… Renewable energy is an obligation and an obvious choice for companies.”
As part of the discussion the L’Oréal boss also mentioned that the company is working on ensuring every product it makes is green, an example being that it is currently working on shampoos that require less water to rinse.(…)”

“P&G Sustainability Report Focuses On Renewables”

“Procter & Gamble has published its 17th annual sustainability report, sending out a clear message that renewable energy and materials are an integral part of its goals, moving towards 2020.
Water and energy use, transport, wood pulp for tissue materials, packaging optimization, land-fill reductions and updated emissions on greenhouse gas feature in the 75 page full report, which can be downloaded here .
The publishing of the report comes just days after P&G vice president of global product stewardship and sustainability, Len Sauers attended the COP21 discussions in Paris.

What can corporations do to cut greenhouse emissions?
A big part of the Paris discussions have been focused on what corporations can do to develop sustainable business growth while also protecting the environment and lowering CO2 emissions.
Speaking at the sidelines of the event in an interview with Climate Group, Sauers stated his belief that by addressing issues such as water scarcity and waste and emissions, businesses such as P&G “can play a significant role to help address these issues.”
In line with this vision, P&G’s most ambitious goal as part of its sustainability ambitions is to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 30% by 2020, as part of on-going plans that were introduced in 2010.
The report highlights how new partnerships with Constellation Energy and EDF RE that will help drive this ambition to cut greenhouse emissions, as well as the responsible sourcing of wood fiber and palm oil.(…)”