“9 Questions to Help You Make Sense of Scientific Research”

“Almost every day, new findings on medical research are published, some of which may include complementary health approaches.

Research studies about medical treatments and practices published in scientific journals are often the sources of news stories and can be important tools in helping you manage your health.

But finding scientific journal articles, understanding the studies they describe, and interpreting the results can be challenging.
One way to make it easier to understand information you find in a scientific journal is to share the information with your health care providers and get their opinions. Once you understand the basics and terminology of scientific research, you have one more tool to help you make better, informed decisions about your health.

Here are 9 questions that can help you make sense of a scientific research article :

1-What are the parts of a scientific paper?
2. What were the goals of the study?
3. How large was the study?
4. Was the study a controlled clinical trial?
5. Have steps been taken to minimize bias?
6. Are there potential conflicts of interest?
7. How do the reported results compare with previous studies?
8. What does it mean when the results of a study are described as statistically significant but not clinically significant?
9. How old is the study? (…)”