Webinar-« Colour Purely a Matter of Taste: Techniques for Efficient Colour Measurement »

Webinar recorded on Dec 2 2015, 51 minutes

colour matter taste

« In New Food’s upcoming webinar, the analytical importance of colour analysis within the food industry, as well as examples of systems that can be used for colour measurement will be explained by three industry experts; Christian Jansen, European Sales Manager, Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc., Thibaut Dedreuil-Monet, Technical Specialist, RSSL and Etienne Arman, Analytical Specialist, Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) GB R&D Ltd.

Whether a food product is declared tasty depends on its ingredients, flavor and also the appearance of the final product.

In many cases the first sense engaged when someone goes for a food product is vision. Especially with packaging the only way to judge if it’s a good product or not is optics. To measure colour hues of food products in a variety of conditions, complex technical solutions are required.

Whether raw materials or solids and liquids, only special spectrophotometers can give precise data to help formulate colour and calculate values or differences. Length of a food process, ingredients, flavour and many more factors influence the appearance of a food product; with detailed analysis manufacturers can meet the ideal optical impression which is attractive for customers to buy the product. »