« Report Concludes That EU Action Is Needed To Set Legal Limits On Trans Fats In Food »- JRC

 « On 3 December, the European Commission adopted a report on trans fats (TFA) in food and in the overall diet of Europeans. Based on JRC input, it suggests that setting a legal limit for industrial TFA content would be the most effective measure in terms of public health, consumer protection and compatibility with the single market.
However, the implementation of such a limit would require further investigation.

This Commission report builds upon literature reviews and data gathered, analysed and summarised by the JRC, as well as extensive consultation with national authorities and relevant stakeholders.

The research focused on the presence of trans fatty acids in the food and diets of the EU population, as well as on the possible impacts of different policy options aiming to reduce the TFA intake in the EU. (…) »

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Background information :
« Trans fats are a particular type of fats that may be produced industrially as partially hydrogenated oils or that are naturally present in food products made from ruminant animals such as dairy products and meat from cattle, sheep or goat.Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the EU and a high intake of TFA seriously increases the risk of heart disease – more than any other nutrient on a « per calorie » basis. »