Minutes- SCCS 11th Plenary Meeting

Minutes of the 11th SCCS Plenary (Meeting date: 29.09.2015)

1.Minutes of the previous meeting 25 march 2015
Minutes adopted on 24/07/2015 through written procedure and published on the website.

2.Information from chair/members/commission

• Four SCCS Opinions have been sent for publication: Aluminium, Beta-Arbutin, PHMB and TiO2 (nano).
• ECHA received the comments and attachment from SCCS during the public consultation on 2-methylisothiazol-3(2H)-one (MIT) and these have been included in the Response to Comments (RCOM) document which will be provided to the dossier submitter and RAC for their responses.
• DG GROW informed about a workshop planned on cosmetic product preservation, (21 October, Brussels) and invited few members from SCCS to participate together with the Secretariat.

3.New Requests/Mandates
Mandates adopted; rapporteurs appointed for TiO2 (nano) in spray products –submission II

4.Draft Opinions On

SYNBIO 3RD OPINION: preliminary opinion published for public consultation between 15 July and 16 September. The public consultation finished on 16 September. 61 comments were received from 12 different organisations – NGOs/universities/public institutions. Secretariat prepared a table of comments and sent them to the Chair and the Rapporteur. Commission informed about a workshop to be held in Luxembourg on 10 December and invited a member of SCCS to participate – one of the Vice Chairs is planning to participate.

*Cosmetic Ingredients

UV filter S86 Phenylene Bis Diphenyltriazine was adopted by written process on 13/07/2015 and published.
The SCCS considers Phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine, S86, not safe for use as a UV-filter in sunscreen products in a concentration up to 10.0 % taking into account the scientific data provided. SCCS cannot exclude that Phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine may have a genotoxic potential.
The tests conducted on eye irritation and skin sensitisation are considered inconclusive. The phototoxicity potential can as yet not be excluded. This Opinion does not apply to inhalation exposure of Phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine since no adequate information on chronic or sub-chronic toxicity after inhalation was provided. The SCCS noted that due to the poor biodegradation potential and the very high octanol-water partition coefficient, long-term effects or bioaccumulation of Phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine, S86, in the environment cannot be excluded. The use of Phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine as an ingredient in sunscreen products might lead to environmental exposure.

*Hair Dyes/Fragrances

BMHCA, fragrance 2-(4-tert butylbenzyI)propionaIdehyde adopted by written process on 12/08/2015 and published.
SCCS is of the opinion that BMHCA is not safe for use as fragrance ingredient in cosmetic leave-on and rinse-off type products, neither at concentration limits according to the ones set up by IFRA in 2013 (MoS = 3.6) nor at concentration limits as set up by IFRA in the revised proposal that has been submitted in 2015 belatedly (MoS = 53). In addition, no firm conclusion could be drawn on mutagenicity. BMHCA poses a risk of inducing skin sensitisation in humans.

*Nanomaterial in cosmetic ingredients

Hydroxyapatite: the draft opinion discussed and is planned to be adopted in October by written procedure in order to respect the legal deadline.
Silica (nano): a revised version of the opinion been adopted following comments received. be published on the website


9th revision of the Notes of Guidance: document discussed, finalised and adopted. be published after editing process.

5.Comments On Opinions Adopted

*Cosmetic Ingredients

The SCCS answers to comments received adopted and be sent out.

*Hair Dyes

Addendum to the scientific Opinion on the safety of oxidative hair dye substances and hydrogen peroxide in products to colour eyelashes (SCCS/1553/15)
SCCS answers to comments received adopted and be sent out.

*Nano in Cosmetic Ingredients

Opinion on Silica (nano) (SCCS/1545/15)
SCCS answers to comments received adopted and be sent out.

6.Any Other Business

*Next working group meetings :

WG on cosmetic ingredients and hair dyes : 28-29.10, 2-3.12.2015:
WG on methodology : 03-04.11.2015
WG on nano in cosmetics : 13.11.2015

*Next plenary meetings :15.12.2015 , 16.03.2016