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Biocides Articles: Registry for biocidal products (R4BP3) updated; Contact your National helpdesk to check if your product falls under biocides legislation; Board of appeal dismisses Biocides data-sharing case

“Registry For Biocidal Products (R4BP 3) Updated”- ECHA

“A new version of R4BP (3.4) introduces the possibility to exchange XML files under “Ad-hoc communication”. The update also includes minor bug fixes and improvements in usability.(…)”
Newsletter ECHA 21.10.2015:
R4BP 3 support page :

« Contact Your National Helpdesk To Check If Your Product Falls Under Biocides Legislation »-ECHA

« The European Commission and Member States have repealed the Manual of Decisions concerning the old Biocidal Products Directive. Companies who, on the basis of the manual, considered their product to be excluded from the scope of the biocides legislation can contact their national helpdesk to check whether the status has changed. If the product could now fall under the new Biocidal Products Regulation, companies can submit a declaration of interest to notify to ECHA until 3 October 2016. (…)»
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ECHA Newsletter 28.10 :
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« Board Of Appeal Dismisses Biocides Data-Sharing Case »- Chemical Watch

« Echa’s Board of Appeal (BoA) has dismissed an appeal against Echa’s decision to grant a company inclusion on the biocidal product Regulation’s (BPR) Article 95 list of approved substance suppliers, without access to a vertebrate study. (…) »
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