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Ingredients Cosmétiques- Actualités : Azelis s’ouvre l’Amérique avec Koda; Customer-focused raw material solutions; Growth of global ingredients market outpaces personal care industry; Deinove focuses on production of carotenoids used in cosmetic industry; Vers des cosmétiques biosourcés sans microplastique; New product concepts for light and lightening products; New data on probiotic anti-ageing active; Matmarine blue ingredient, new test ; Request for proposal- seeking biodegradable alternatives to polyacrylamide; Shin-etsu chemical invests to expand silicones business in Japan; Croda’s zinc oxide approved in Europe

Actualités des Entreprises

« Azelis s’ouvre l’Amérique avec Koda »- Info Chimie

logo_print« Le distributeur européen de spécialités chimiques va faire un grand pas sur le marché nord-américain. Azelis, passé dans le giron du fonds Apax Partners en début d’année, a scellé un accord pour l’acquisition de l’Américain Koda Distribution Group (KDG), détenu par le fonds américain Audax Group. L’opération, qui doit encore obtenir le feu vert des autorités réglementaires et dont le montant n’a pas été dévoilé, pourrait se finaliser d’ici à la fin 2015. KDG est destiné désormais à devenir Azelis Americas. (…) »
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«Customer-Focused Raw Material Solutions»- Personal Care

Rebrand_girl2« As of 1 July 2015, Lipo Chemicals has officially become Vantage Specialty Ingredients. With an already existing strong global presence, the company’s universal focus is on providing customer solutions and leveraging superior raw materials, technology and expertise to allow Vantage Specialty Ingredients to best meet customer needs. By aligning their vision, mission and value system with the Vantage brands, the company combine a collective 100+ years of experience and customer solutions. (…) »
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« Growth Of Global Ingredients Market Outpaces Personal Care Industry »- Cosmetics Design USA

Multi-benefit-natural-products-to-drive-skin-whitening-market_strict_xxl« The growth of the global market for personal care ingredients will continue to outpace forecasts for the overall industry, according to latest research estimates. The global market for such ingredients was valued at $ 7.46 bn in 2014, but according to the latest report from Transparency Market Research, that figure is estimated to reach $ 11.76 bn by 2023. This growth will be driven by a CAGR of 5.2 % in the forecast period 2020 to 2023, growth that is expected to be driven by further expansion in developing markets, as well as continued demand in categories such as naturals and organics, and dedicated skin care products, in particular anti-aging face treatments.(…) »
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« Deinove Focuses on Production of Carotenoids Used in Cosmetic Industry »-SpecialChem

DEINOVE« Deinove, a biotech company developing innovative processes for producing biofuels and bio-based chemicals by using Deinococcus bacteria as host strains, provides an update regarding its carotenoids production strategy.
Carotenoids are part of the isoprenoid family, the main focus of the Deinochem research program funded by the “Investing for the Future” State program. Deinococcus bacteria naturally produce carotenoids and specifically a molecule called Deinoxanthin, untapped until now. Recent achievements in this field of research have led Deinove to fine-tune its strategy on this target (…) ».
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«Vers Des Cosmétiques Biosourcés Sans Microplastique »- France Diplomatie

csm_2015_10_14_Cellulosefasern_683a0d4089« L’Institut Fraunhofer pour la mécanique des matériaux (IWM) de Halle (Saxe-Anhalt) et le pôle de compétitivité Bioeconomy travaillent au sein du projet KosLigCel au développement d’ersatz aux microplastiques contenus dans des produits de soin, comme les exfoliants ou les dentifrices. Les billes de microplastique ont un pouvoir abrasif utile pour de nombreux cosmétiques et produits de soin. Cependant celles-ci sont généralement à base de polyéthylène qui n’est pas biodégradable.(…) »
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« New Product Concepts For Light And Lightening Products »- Personal Care

Dr.-Straetmans-GmbH-SIC-Cosmetic-2012-2014_scale_xxl« During this year´s in-cosmetics Asia, Dr. Straetmans GmbH will be introducing an emulsifier for low viscous O/W-emulsions and one active material. The second generation for low viscous emulsions is introduced with Dermofeel easymuls plus, this single emulsifier is the perfect suit for sprayable concepts with a light skin feel. A further advantage of this raw material is the applicability in cold production, making it economic and easy to use.(…) »
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« New Data On Probiotic Anti-Ageing Active »- Personal Care

ProRenew Complex CLR™ ( Lactococcus Ferment Lysate)« Interesting new data is available as CLR launched this spring its latest probiotic anti-ageing active, ProRenew Complex CLR™. Following this launch, CLR’s research and testing has continued. Based on probiotic technology, ProRenew Complex CLR™ acts on essential features in the ageing process of the skin, its ability to both successfully adapt to its constantly changing environment and to effectively renew itself. (…) »
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« Matmarine Blue Ingredient – New Test »-Cosmetics Business

F_36855« Immediate mattifying effect that lasts all day long-Lipotec’s Matmarine blue ingredient improves the overall aspect of oily/combination skin, reduces the shininess, and minimises the appearance of pores and active follicles. In addition, its efficiency has been recently proved when applied with a BB cream. An in vivo assessment using 2 % Matmarine blue ingredient showed an immediate 28.3 % reduction in gloss right after the application and a prolonged effect of 25.2 % decrease after 2 hours and 14.9 % after 8 hours. (…) »
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« A Multiple Approach To Skin Pigmentation »- Personal Care

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« Shin-Etsu Chemical Invests to Expand Silicones Business in Japan »- SpecialChem

main_pc_top« Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. plans to proactively expand its silicones business, one of its main businesses, by implementing facility investments in Japan totaling ¥ 20 billion.Silicone is a highly functional material that is used in a wide range of application fields in such industries as electric, electronics, automobile, building construction, cosmetics and toiletries. Shin-Etsu Chemical has been expanding its silicones business by developing and supplying products that meet the wide-ranging requirements of its customers. (…) »
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« Croda’s Zinc Oxide Approved in Europe »- Happi Magazine

filter« The EU Commission Working Group on Cosmetics have voted in favor of approving zinc oxide from Croda as a UV filter in cosmetics in Europe. Zinc oxide in both its nano and non-nano form will be suitable for use as a UV filter, with official entry into Annex VI of the EU Cosmetics Regulation expected from early 2016, according to the company. Croda offers a range of zinc oxide dispersions under their Solaveil Clarus brand, Solaveil CZ-100 and Solaveil CZ-300. (…) »
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