« Some Commercial Coffees Contain High Levels of Mycotoxins »- AlphaGalileo

« An analysis of one hundred coffees sold in Spain has confirmed the presence of mycotoxins -toxic metabolites produced by fungi. In addition, five of the samples that were tested were found to contain ochratoxin A, the only legislated mycotoxin, in amounts that exceeded maximum permitted levels.

While the authors point out that these results are not alarming, they do recommend assessing the risk that exposure to mycotoxins from coffee poses to the general public. They also suggest reviewing production processes in order to reduce the levels of these natural contaminants in coffee.

Mycotoxins are a family of compounds that are produced by filamentous fungi, such as Aspergillus or Fusarium, that can lead to disease and health problems. Researchers from the University of Valencia have analysed the presence of these compounds in 103 samples of commercial coffee which can be found in different supermarkets around the city. (…) »

151026_cafe_yo_aguilar« The study confirms the presence of fumonisins, aflatoxins, trichothecenes and emerging mycotoxins in coffee. « 

Article du 28.10.2015 par Plataforma SINC, site AlphaGalileo