« Fragrance Trend: Marketing & Formulating Lifestyle Scents »- Cosmetics Design USA

« Consumers have outgrown signature scents and now wear perfumes appropriate to the occasion, event, or activity. Here, the team behind Pour Le Monde parfums tells Cosmetics Design what it all means for the industry.


“Fragrance wardrobe” is quickly becoming a term of art in the beauty business and among consumers. It’s no surprise then that millennials own on average five to eight fragrances, as Laren Stover reported in an item on observer.com.

Wendi Berger, president of the 100 % natural fine fragrance company Pour Le Monde, anticipates that this trend will become the norm and, in fact, had lifestyle scents “in mind from day one” when she founded the company.(…) »

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Article de Deanna Utroske du 26.10.2015