« Elsevier Announces the Launch of NanoImpact, a New Multidisciplinary Journal Publishing Research »- AlphaGalileo

« Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, announces the launch of NanoImpact, a new multidisciplinary journal that is devoted to publishing cutting edge research addressing the behavior and impact of nanomaterials on human health and environmental systems.

NanoImpact welcomes article submissions in the following 4 main areas of research : human nanotoxicology, econanotoxicology, exposure, and risk- and lifecycle assessment.

Other topics of research such as the development of methodological and modelling approaches and the development of materials and methods to enhance nanosafety, will also be considered if there is a clear link to four main areas. (…) »

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Actualités Elsevier du 27 Octobre 2015 , site AlphaGalileo
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