VariBlend’s Dual- Chamber Dispensing System Opens New Possibilities for Multi-action Products

« A confluence of customer- and consumer-related factors makes dual chamber dispensing systems “the platform of the future” according to industry leaders such as James Wilmott, Owner and Chief Scientific Officer, Leading Edge Innovations (LEI) and Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, CEO and Founder, Beautyworld Connexions.

According to Wilmott, the ability of dual chamber dispensing systems to combine two elements at the precise moment of application can result in powerful boosts in formula efficacy, as well as enable a range of appealing effects.

Further, he said, such systems are ideal for the new breed of airless packaging solutions being selected by makers of today’s multi-function skin care formulations, such as the so-called Blemish Balm (BB) and even newer CC products, because of their performance, precision and protection.

“The market is saturated with me-too products that have been around in various forms for decades,” Wilmott said. “With dual dispensers, you can combine two materials to create a third element that is activated precisely at the moment of use.” In addition to enhancing the efficacy of the formulation, dual dispensing systems create enticing aesthetic benefits as well, Wilmott said. “Textures and tints can be created, fragrances can be released, even popular swirl effects can be achieved,” he said.

There are other factors behind the growing consensus in favor of dual-chamber dispensing. According to Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, made-in-the-USA dispensers such as those designed by VariBlend represent another on-shoring success and deliver a distinct quality and value advantage over China-sourced components.
“These U.S.-made airless dispensers are very good,” Gounod said, “and the dual airless configurations are a valuable solution, given today’s drive for innovative products. Airless packaging protects preservative-free formulas, and the dual nozzle models are wonderful for UV protection products and skin care, where mixing elements at the last moment is necessary.”

Adds Gounod, “And the wide range of dual-chamber options from VariBlend frees companies to develop products for home and on-the-go applications, with superior ergonomics that delivers a pleasing end-user experience.”

VariBlend’s Dual-chamber Dispensing System VariBlend’s Dual-chamber Dispensing System

According to Robert Brands, President and CEO of VariBlend, the innovation-driven personal care product industry has given rise to new-generation formulations that serve multi-purposes and incorporate advanced ingredients that require advanced protection and preservation. “Product convergence continues to accelerate, as consumers almost expect their skin care products to combine serum, moisturizer, base cream, foundation and sun protection,” Brands said. “Today’s brand owners realize that yesterday’s dispensing technology is simply not up to the task of dispensing such advanced products.”

VariBlend is the only maker of dual-dispensing solutions with custom-blending capabilities. The company offers dual chamber dispensers in both airless and atmospheric versions, and dual-chamber designs that can be operated 50/50, in fixed ratios, or in multiple formula strengths, for the increasingly popular ‘regimen’-type products. The company recently added a mechanical foamer version as well.

“For skin-, sun- and hair care, and more, the VariBlend product range has customers covered,” Brands said. “In today’s ultra-competitive, innovation-driven product development environment, our dual dispensing platforms deliver the efficacy, functionality, convenience and enhanced ergonomics that can mean the difference between success or failure,” Brands said.

About Leading Edge Innovations

Leading Edge Innovations (LEI) creates unique, differentiated products based upon current and emerging trends. The company’s development of products and technology platforms includes work in the skin- and sun-care markets, as well as with hybrid face and body products, hair care, fragrances and more. The company has launched more than 25 products since its launch in 2008.

About Beautyworld Connexions

Beautyworld Connexions is a Belgium-based consultancy, with particular expertise in make-up design, fragrance creation and cosmetic packaging development. The firm is led by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, who has 40 years of global industry experience with personal care product development, mergers and acquisitions, and pre- and post-integration projects.

About VariBlend

VariBlend is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of custom-blending, dual-dispensing technology. By rotating the dispenser head, multiple formula strengths can be selected. Fixed ratio settings are also available. Variblend’s patented systems satisfy consumer demand for product personalization and freshness. The patented technology behind VariBlend had previously been sub-licensed and marketed by Versadial Inc. « 


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