New Microbial Fertilizer Technology in Africa

« Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. (Earth Alive) announced earlier this month that it is in the process of completing product registration for its patent-pending microbial biofertilizer in West Africa (ECOWAS –Economic Community of Western African States) and South Africa (SADC –Southern African Development Community). This arduous and lengthy registration process is necessary for the commercialization of fertilizers and agricultural inputs in most countries worldwide, and the Company anticipates having product registration approval by early 2016. Once approved, the company’s agricultural inputs will be marketed and sold in Africa. The Soil Activator product is already fully registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), and is also Ecocert certified organic.


David Gilmour, President & CEO of Earth Alive, stated that African agriculture represents nearly half of the continent’s economic activity and the industry is pro-actively looking for safer, healthier and better fertilizer technologies to meet the accelerating demand for organic growing.

Mr. Gilmour added, « The African agriculture and food industry is currently worth US $ 310 billion and has the opportunity to grow substantially to US $ 1 trillion by 2030, offering the prospect of a three-fold increase, bringing more jobs, greater prosperity, less hunger, and significantly more opportunities which will enable farmers in Africa to better compete globally.

Receiving accreditation for our innovative microbial biofertilizer – which helps produce larger and healthier crops – will be beneficial to organic and traditional farmers in Africa, and is a critical step for Earth Alive to unlock this enormous market opportunity as we continue to expand registration in new markets globally. »

African agriculture has been recognized as a powerful economic driver and many investors believe agriculture is the most promising growth opportunity in Africa, ahead of mining and metals. According to the World Bank, agriculture contributes 32% to Africa’s GDP and in some countries up to 85 % of the workforce is employed in the sector. Africa houses millions of hectares of the globe’s unexploited arable land and there is significant scope for improvement with regard to irrigation, use of environmentally sustainable fertilizers, and improved fertilization technologies. »



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