Cosmetics Europe Advocates Phase- Out of Microplastics

« Cosmetics Europe has advised its members to discontinue the use of non-biodegradable microplastics in wash-off cosmetic products, by 2020. microbeads3

The trade body issued the recommendation on Wednesday in response to public concerns over plastic debris in the marine environment.

It says the use of plastic microparticles in personal care products accounts for “a very small fraction” of the plastic debris found in the marine environment, compared to sources such as plastic manufacturing, textile fibres and abrasion of car tyres.

But given the availability of alternative materials, Cosmetics Europe says its members should stop using microplastics that are non-biodegradable in the marine environment, in wash-off cosmetic and personal care products.

Going forward, Cosmetics Europe says it is “committed to building, with other international associations, global alignment of the cosmetics industry on this issue” and will work with regulators on a « science-based approach ».

Microplastics have had a strong place in the North American and Canadian regulatory agendas this year.

Earlier this month, California signed into law a ban on personal care products containing microbeads, from 2020. Several New York counties are considering a similar ban and Canada is discussing a proposal to ban microplastics, by adding them to the country’s List of Toxic Substances . »

Cosmetics Europe recommendation:,8774

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