« Better Regulation Agenda Delaying REACH Implementation » Says EEB Head

« The European Commission’s “obsession” with its Better Regulation agenda is delaying the implementation and enforcement of REACH, says Jeremy Wates, secretary general of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).

In the margins of yesterday’s EEB’s annual conference, Mr Wates told Chemical Watch that “unsubstantiated complaints from industry” about REACH costs should not be allowed to stop the regulation from achieving its goals of protecting human health and the environment.

The European Commission’s Better Regulation agenda is “at the heart of this delay”, he said. This, according to the Commission, aims to “design EU policies and laws that achieve their objectives at minimum cost”.

Mr Wates said that despite the Commission’s assertions to the contrary, this agenda suggests cuts to the “regulatory safety net that protects consumers, citizens’ health and their environment”.

The Commission is currently reviewing REACH‘s impact on businesses. It recently revealed that 35 % of 1,600 companies responding to a survey said REACH is negatively impacting their capacity to innovate.

Earlier this week, the EEB released a report from its 40th anniversary conference held last December.

It says that efforts to improve chemical safety are facing “strong push back” from industry.

“Implementation of REACH is happening at too slow a pace and key issues such as endocrine disrupting chemicals, cocktail effects and toxicity of nanomaterials remain unresolved,” it says. »


Article of Leigh Stringer and Geraint Roberts
EEB report : http://www.eeb.org/index.cfm/library/40th-anniversary-conference-report/

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