ACI Releases Annual Sustainability Report

« The American Cleaning Institute’s (ACI) 2015 Sustainability Report showcases the cleaning products industry’s progress toward sustainable development and unveils ACI’s first-ever industry « materiality assessment, » which maps the critical risks and opportunities facing its value chain.
The top ten issues to the cleaning products industry’s internal and external stakeholders identified by the materiality assessment include:
  • Materials:Safety of chemical ingredients; raw material sourcing and scarcity
  • Disclosure and Transparency:Public disclosure of information related to sustainability, governance, and products
  • Climate Change / Greenhouse Gases:Climate risks and opportunities; emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Ecological Impacts:Biodiversity; deforestation; environmental management; responsible agricultural practices
  • Water:Water use, waste water treatment, and water recycling
  • Workplace Health and Safety:Health and safety management; health and wellness training programs
  • Waste: Hazardous and non-hazardous waste; management of product end-of-life
  • Energy:Energy use; renewable energy
  • Supply Chain Management:Screening business partners on ethics and sustainability issues
  • Compliance:Compliance with environmental, health, and safety regulations

The materiality assessment, conducted by sustainability analytics firm Framework LLC, identifies and characterizes those issues that are most material across ACI’s membership and to the industry at large.

« This assessment represents a new way of reporting on industry priorities, so it is vital to share the results with our stakeholders and engage in dialogue to gain a deeper understanding of the issues, » said Ernie Rosenberg, ACI president and CEO. « We plan to be more strategic about tracking future industry performance on these matters, and our Sustainability Report will evolve as a result. »



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