National Academy of Sciences to Examine Low-dose Toxicity

« A new committee of the National Academy of Sciences will examine whether the current toxicity testing practices of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) adequately consider adverse human health effects of low doses of endocrine-active chemicals.0013

Committee activities will include convening a scientific workshop to support systematic reviews of human and animal toxicology data for chemicals that affect the estrogen or androgen system.

The committee will also consider how to use adverse outcome pathway (AOP) or other mechanistic data, including high-throughput data and pharmacokinetic information, to elucidate under what circumstances human and animal data may be concordant or discordant.

The committee held its first meeting Oct. 13; the next meeting will be on Nov. 17–18 in Washington, D.C. Information on the committee, including links to information about upcoming meetings and a list of committee members, is available on the National Academies website. « 


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