Unitar Runs E-Learning Course on Nanomaterials

« The UN Institute for Training and Research (Unitar) is to run an e-learning course on nanomaterial safety. The course, which will run from 26 October to 11 December, aims to give an introduction to the sound management of manufactured nanomaterials.

It will enable participants to:

• discuss properties, uses and safety issues of nano-containing products;
• classify hazard, exposure and risk assessment;
• identify opportunities and challenges to regulate nanomaterials;
• discuss international and national regulatory approaches; and
• differentiate applications and uses of nanomaterials to improve environmental, public health and safety issues.

The course is internet-based, with the total number of learning hours estimated to be 35 hours over the seven-week period.
Participation costs $ 600 and the registration deadline is 21 October. »

Source& information:
Registration : https://www.unitar.org/event/introduction-nanomaterial-safety-unitar-e-learning-course-0

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