Microbeads Ban Becomes Law in California

« Biodegradable microplastics included; will take effect 1 January 2020-
California Governor, Jerry Brown, has signed into law the nation’s “strongest” ban on personal care products containing microbeads.


The law will take effect 1 January 2020, and prohibit the sale of personal care products, containing more than one ppm of plastic microbeads.
Unlike bans that exist in other states, such as in Illinois and Wisconsin, the California ban encompasses all plastic microbeads – including biodegradable materials.

According to the California-based Center for Biological Diversity, the state’s ban is “the strongest legislation in the country and will set the standard for the industry”. The NGO – one of many organisations which supported the bill – says the law closes the biodegradable “loophole” that “allows companies to replace traditional plastic microbeads with more plastic”.

The state’s measure was opposed by the California Chamber of Commerce and several large personal care product manufacturers, which said that the law’s microbead definition could “create a legal quagmire” and “stifle innovation”.
Several counties in New York have passed, or are considering, legislation to ban microbeads under a definition similar to California’s, without the carve-out for biodegradable materials.

Local bans will take effect in New York as early as the first quarter of 2016 . »

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