Germany to Propose Diisocyanates Restriction by July

« Germany plans to submit a proposed REACH restriction for diisocyanates by 15 July 2016.
The proposal will say the substances should not be used, or placed on the market, on their own, as a constituent in other substances or in mixtures for industrial and professional uses, unless:

• the cumulative concentration of diisocyanates in the substance or mixture is less than 0.1 wt %;

• measurements under realistic conditions show that only an acceptable residual risk is present, if the substance or mixture is used as described and intended; or

• the substance or mixture is used in accordance with certain provisions.

All listed diisocyanates and formulations, in which they are contained at more than their generic or specific concentration limits, share the classification as a category 1 respiratory sensitiser, says Germany.

Occupational respiratory diseases because of the use of diisocyanates, it says, « are well-known in all member states, showing that the risks of using such substances are not sufficiently controlled and should be subject to additional regulations ».

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