ECHA Biocides Committee Approves Peracetic Acid

« Echa’s Biocidal Products Committee (BPC) met last week and adopted Opinions in favour of approving peracetic acid for use in six product-types.
It also adopted an Opinion on the global warming potential (GWP) of sulfuryl fluoride.

The compound was approved for use as a fumigant in wood preservation (product-type eight), and as an insecticide (product-type 18), under the biocidal products Directive (BPD). Approval was given under the condition that the authorisation holder would monitor the concentration of sulfuryl fluoride in the atmosphere, because it was suspected of having GWP.

Reviewing the data collected, the BPC decided this potential is higher than previously estimated and said that sulfuryl fluoride’s GWP must be considered under the renewal process.

Four other Opinions were on the agenda, but recommendations for their approval were delayed until December’s BPC meeting. The delay was because the committee must revise the conditions for approval in its Opinions in line with a document endorsed at last month’s meeting of the competent authorities (CAs) for biocides.

This document aims to simplify the wording in European Commission decisions.
Last week’s meeting brings the number of Opinions adopted by the BPC to 35 this year. It plans to adopt 16 more at its next meeting, in December, to reach its target of 51 opinions this year.

The committee also discussed documents concerning the approval process for biocidal active substances.

These were on:

• whether introducing new data or information, during the peer review process for an active substance approval, could be permitted under certain conditions;
• how, and at what stage in the process, to apply new guidance and guidance-related documents; and
• the role of the BPC Secretariat in the active substance approval process. »

Meeting agenda :

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