Danish EPA Says Most Preservatives In Cosmetics are Safe

« Most preservatives used in cosmetic products are safe in their permitted concentrations, according to a survey by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA tested 639 products on the Danish market. It found a total of 53 preservatives in these, and assessed the risks of five which are “suspected of damaging the environment and health”.

They are:

• DMDM hydantoin;
• imidazolidinyl urea;
• zinc pyrithione;
• thimerosal; and
• phenoxyethanol

Phenoxyethanol was the most commonly used preservative, either alone or in combination with other compounds.
This means that consumers are likely to be exposed to phenoxyethanol through multiple products, but whether this poses a health risk is unclear, says the EPA, until the ongoing assessment by the European Commission’s Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS) is finalized.

The study shows that the other compounds are safe, although there is a risk that some might induce allergies. The EPA said it was not been able to substantiate allergy risk further, due to lack of data on the individual substances.

Also, the study found that the use of parabens has decreased significantly, by comparison with previous Danish studies. This is also confirmed by the manufacturers, which have supplied information for this survey, the EPA said. »


Report  : http://www2.mst.dk/Udgiv/publications/2015/05/978-87-93352-19-3.pdf

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