AkzoNobel to Exhibit Innovative Hair Care & Styling Ingredients

« At California SCC Suppliers’ Day, AkzoNobel will highlight the film-formers, conditioning agents and rheology modifiers that enable formulators to create the highest quality hair care and styling products.


“Implementing our scientific approach to innovation with best-in-class technologies, we create ingredients that perform the essential functions our customers need to meet major formulation challenges and to respond to ever-changing trends in their customers’ preferences,” said Melissa Vitale, Global Marketing Manager for Hair Styling. AkzoNobel’s core technologies in hair styling include synthetic polymers, polyquaterniums and quats to help optimize formula and product performance.

AkzoNobel will highlight the following solutions from its portfolio of ingredients for hair styling:

Film-Forming Polymers: AMPHOMER® polymers provide superior hold and humidity resistance performance in hair spray systems, regardless of VOC level, noted Vitale.

The BIOSTYLE™ hybrid polymers offer excellent hair volume boosting along with superior solution and gel clarity for styling products with a more natural touch. BALANCE® RCF polymer, a multifunctional film former and rheology modifier, offers versatile performance in a variety of hair styling and surfactant-containing systems. Vitale said it can be used alone or with other polymers to achieve a wide range of textures and product performance benefits in styling aids.

Conditioning Agents: “Our conditioning agents enable formulators and manufacturers to develop a variety of rinse-off and leave-in conditioners and styling products that imbue hair with a luxurious soft silky feel,” said Dennis Crimmins, AkzoNobel North American Sales Manager for Personal Care.

ARMOCARE® VGH-70 and ARQUAD® PC quaternary surfactants offer superior detangling, and wet and dry combing of hair with excellent sensory properties. Soya-based ARQUAD PC SV-60 PG quaternary ammonium compound delivers exceptional conditioning performance in hair color formulations.

Rheology Modifiers: “AkzoNobel rheology modifiers thicken, suspend and stabilize formulations to create consumer-pleasing textures and aesthetics,” said Crimmins. “The company offers a diverse product range of synthetic and naturally-derived materials that meet formulator needs.”

As a rheology modifier, the multi-functional BALANCE® RCFg polymer provides excellent viscosity build with high clarity in the presence of surfactants, including sulfate-free systems.AMAZE™ XT polymer offers suspension properties with a unique texture and is 100 % natural. The STRUCTURE® polymer series contains synthetic and natural rheology modifiers to give unique textures with thickening in various pH ranges. And, ELFACOS® GT 282S rheology modifier allows formulators to increase viscosity and provide crystal-clear formulations in surfactants and high electrolyte systems. »

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