Overview Report of RAPEX Notifications- Week 42

Report N° 41 (Published on 16.10.2015)

No cases about Cosmetics; one case for Toys about Nickel

Reference: A12/1259/15
Category: Toys
Product: Wooden toy car Mein bunter Flitzer ‘My Colourful Racer’ (Die Spiegelburg)
Wooden car in four different colours with natural-coloured wheels fastened with metal rivets.
Type/number of model: Various colours: order No 11936 – red; order No 11937 – green; order No 11938 – orange; order No 11939 – blue. The entry in the customer list ‘7011940 – TA Meine Bunten Flitzer’ stands for Thekenaufsteller (TA) (counter display). This is therefore merely a promotional tool for improving article presentation.
Batch number/Barcode: EAN 4029753119384 (orange)
Country of notification: Germany; Country of origin: China

Chemical risk: The amount of nickel released by the tyre rivets of the toy car is too high (measured value up to 4.82 µg/cm²/week).

Nickel is a strong sensitizer and can cause allergic reactions if present in articles that come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

->The product does not comply with the REACH Regulation.

Voluntary measures: Withdrawal of the product from the market

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