Consumer Concerns Driving Green Home Cleaning Product Sales

Amarjit Sahota, Organic Monitor, London

« European sales of green home cleaning products are growing at a healthy rate, with sales predicted to reach EUR 0.5 billion in a few years. This is one of the key findings from the first-ever report on the European market for green home cleaning products , covering laundry products, floor & surface cleaners, washing-up liquids & powders, and related products.

Germany, the UK, and Italy have the fastest growing markets in Europe. Green home cleaning product sales are increasing by double-digits in these countries. Consumer concerns about the health and environmental impacts of cleaning products are driving market growth. Widening availability is another driver, with distribution of green products increasing in supermarkets, hypermarkets and drugstores.

Although consumer interest in green home cleaning products is rising, the adoption rate of certification schemes is very low in Europe. As will be shown at the upcoming Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit, less than 1% of all cleaning products are certified according to Ecogarantie, Ecocert and related standards. In comparison, the market share of certified (natural & organic) cosmetics and (organic) foods are 3%. The number of green labelling schemes for cleaning products is growing, however there is little harmonisation between standards.

Organic Monitor predicts the European market to continue to show healthy growth. Rising consumer awareness of green cleaning products and expanding distribution are expected to drive market growth. A major challenge however is greenwashing, with a growing number of conventional brands making green marketing claims. Market winners are expected to be brands that can successfully differentiate their products in a competitive marketplace.

The key findings of the first-ever report on the European green home cleaning products will be presented at the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit, hosted in Paris on 20- 21st October 2015. »

Research Publication #1001-65- European Market for Green Home Cleaning Products :

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