Silabskin Offers Next Generation Technology

61356“For several years, Silab Research has been working on the development, validation and culturing of human cells in 3D. These multi-layer in vitro models, known either as reconstructed epidermises or reconstructed skins, are an essential factor in proving the efficacy of the cosmetic natural active ingredients sold by the company.

This new generation of complex models represents the expected predictive link between in vitro studies on cell mono-layers (keratinocytes, fibroblasts, etc.) and measurements taken in vivo on volunteers.

The company now clearly displays its expertise through its own Silabskin 3D biological models registered trademark. It continues to create new concepts independently, in line with its original strategy of internally developing the latest know-how in its laboratories, for the use of research and its clients.

The methodology used is robust, and Silab complies with three levels of requirements: traceability of the biological material, internal control of skills and methods, and the quality and reproducibility of the models. This requires standardized protocols and a suitable environment, combined with state-of-theart equipment and high-tech analyses such as transcriptomics.

Thanks to this expertise, the Silab in vitro specialists, who are regularly trained in new technologies, have been able to develop innovative 3D models to accompany the launch of new cosmetic actives ingredients, under normal and modified conditions that mimic a specific biological reality (aging, photoaging, nutritional deficiency, chemical aggression, inflammation, etc).”


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