Molecule of the Week- Sulfoxaflor

1443802324107« Sulfoxaflor is a pesticide that kills insects by attacking their central nervous system. It is a member of the sulfoximine family of insecticides. In 2013, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved this Dow AgroSciences product for use in the United States. It is also registered in some Central American and east Asian countries.

The EPA registered sulfoxaflor despite its potential toxicity to honeybees. It recommended that the insecticide not be used when flowering crops are attracting bees.

A consortium of beekeeping trade groups sued the EPA shortly after registration, believing that sulfoxaflor would exacerbate the declining bee population. In September 2015, a federal appeals court overturned the registration by ruling that the supporting studies were insufficient to demonstrate that sulfoxaflor does not cause environmental harm. Dow says it will perform additional studies and may appeal the court’s decision. »


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