Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods Labeling Law at Risk

“Since 2013, Center for Food Safety’s legal team has been instrumental in helping pass and successfully defend the Vermont GE labeling law.

This work resulted in a victory for the group earlier this year, when the federal district court upheld this groundbreaking law. But, now, the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, Snack Food Association, and other plaintiffs have appealed the decision, trying to halt the law’s implementation. The hearings will begin on October 8th.

CFS advised the State and Vermont groups on the crafting of the legislation for several years leading up to the GE labeling law’s passage in 2014, and has defended the Vermont GE labeling law in court since May 2014.

The Vermont case has huge implications for the rest of the country, because it’s the first case challenging any state labeling law and as such will set a legal precedent. Winning this case will establish that state GE labeling laws are lawful, rejecting industry’s claims that they have a constitutional right to keep the public in dark about whether their food is genetically engineered, or that such state laws are preempted by federal law.

This ruling could put to rest Big Food and Chemical’s claims that state GE labeling is unlawful. Vermont’s mandatory labeling policy will likely set the stage for more states to introduce and adopt labeling laws.

CFS is appealing for people’s help to counter this corporate attack and defend these laws in court. « 

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