Developing Countries & NGOs Call For UNEP to Publish EDCs List

« Draft Resolution put to UN summit delegates.
Fourteen developing groups and two NGOs have tabled a draft Resolution at ICCM4 – this week’s UN chemicals summit – urging the UN Environment Programme (Unep) to draw up and publish a list of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and « potential EDCs ».

The suggestion is opposed by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), which has more than 1,000 member companies and organisations in 95 countries (25 September 2015).

EDCs are a key topic at the conference, which has been convened to assess progress towards the UN target of achieving sound chemicals management globally by 2020.

On Monday, international science organisation the Endocrine Society published a scientific review which it said demonstrates that the evidence that some chemicals disrupt hormones, and thus cause a range of serious health problems « is more definitive than ever before”.

But ICCA says more research is needed to better understand « whether, how and to what effect » chemicals interact with the hormone system. It also says « rigorous reviews » have failed to prove the hypothesis that harmful effects can be caused by low exposure levels .

The draft Resolution says Unep should produce overview reports giving examples of « existing and potential EDCs » in:

• pesticides;
• textiles;
• children’s products;
• building products; and electrical and electronic products.

It should also identify potential health effects, exposure routes and « gaps in existing regulatory policy ».

Draft Resolution :

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