Biocides Manual Of Decisions Becomes Obsolete

“Guidance provided through the biocidal products Directive’s (BPD) manual of decisions (MoD) is obsolete as of 1 October, the European Commission has announced.

Last month the competent authorities for biocides agreed that companies who assumed that their biocidal products are not within the scope of the biocidal products Regulation (BPR), due to guidance in the MoD, would be given extra time to support their relevant active substance/product-type combination under the review programme.

Companies have until 1 October 2016 to declare their interest in supporting the active substance/product-type combination relevant for their biocidal product.

They are allowed to do so if their product falls within the scope of the BPR, but this is not consistent with guidance given in the MoD.
The Commission has advised companies to check with their national helpdesk, or with the Echa helpdesk, whether this is the case.”

Commission notification :
Manual of decisions :

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