ChemSec Updates Tool For Finding Structurally Similar Chemicals

« The International Chemical Secretariat, ChemSec, has updated its SINimilarity tool.
The tool is free and was set up to identify substances that are structurally similar to substances on the organisation’s Substitute it Now (SIN) list .

These are hazardous chemicals it wants to see phased out because of their toxic properties.
And ChemSec says the updated version will « empower non-chemists who previously had to rely solely on the information provided by their chemical suppliers. »

The number of chemicals that can be investigated by name, Cas number, EC number or structure has been increased from 80,000 to almost 500,000. It is also possible to search for a chemical by entering its SMILES code (simplified molecular input line entry specification), a chemical notation system used to represent a molecular structure by a linear string of symbols.

At the same time the SIN List has also been updated.

Fourteen substances have been added. These include substances:

• recently identified as fulfilling substance of very high concern (SVHC) criteria through official identification and classification;

• previously classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or repotroxic (CMRs) that have recently been fully registered, illustrating a consumer relevant use of the chemical;

• substances recently classified as CMR. »

ChemSec announcement :

SINimilarity tool :
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