Proposed EU Ban On Deca-BDE Moves Forward

« Further exemptions listed for vehicles, machinery spare parts, military aircraft
A proposed EU ban on the placing on the market of the brominated flame retardant, deca-BDE, as a substance in mixtures and articles, advanced another step, last week, when Echa’s Socio-Economic Analysis Committee adopted its final Opinion.

The committee reiterated the view expressed in its draft Opinion that such a ban, which is proposed as a restriction under the REACH Regulation, is the most appropriate way to address the risks posed by the substance.

It said additional exemptions should apply to deca’s use in military aircraft, road vehicles, spare parts for machinery, agricultural and forestry vehicles.
The committee has already said the restriction should not apply to the restriction for electrical and electronic equipment because this use of deca-BDE is already banned under the EU Directive on the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS).

The proposed restriction has already been backed by Echa’s Risk Assessment Committee because of concern about its persistence and toxicity, and its global distribution through the atmosphere . »

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