NIA Criticises ‘Unworkable’ Proposed Changes to Novel Foods Regulation

« The Nanotechnologies Industries Association (NIA) says the proposed changes in the draft EU Regulation on novel foods is “unworkable”.

In a statement today, it said the revised text « is vague, unclear and contradicts firmly established nanomaterial regulations that have been in use for years ».
The European Parliament’s Environment and Food Safety Committee announced several amendments to the draft legislation last November.

The NIA’s primary concern centres on the definition of “engineered nanomaterials”. It said the inclusion of materials that are “composed of discrete functional parts … which have one or more dimensions of the order of 100nm or less” changes the accepted definition and « has little scientific basis ».

In addition, it said, if this text is implemented, the Commission would need to amend the definition in the Regulation on food information to consumers – forcing companies to face « two parallel and competing definitions for an indeterminate time ».

Also, the requirement to use the most up-to-date safety tests is « vague and undefined », leaving companies « subject to unpredictable changes in testing needs with little notice, a burden that no other industry faces ».

The association has urged members of the European Parliament to directly engage with the Commission, which is currently reviewing the latter’s Recommendation for a nanomaterial definition with the Joint Research Centre.
Parliament is due to vote on the draft Regulation, in October, at a date to be confirmed.”


NIA’s response on EU novel foods draft :

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