EU Commission Consults On Zinc Oxide Restriction, Chloroacetamide Ban

« The European Commission has opened public consultations on its proposals to restrict the use of zinc oxide as a colourant and to ban the use of chloroacetamide in cosmetic products.

The Commission plans to amend the entry for zinc oxide under Annex IV to the cosmetic products Regulation, which lists all approved colourants, to exclude applications that may lead to exposure of the end user’s lungs by inhalation.

Chloroacetamide will be added to the list of substances prohibited in cosmetic products, under Annex II to the Regulation.

The chemical has been classified as toxic for reproduction under the CLP Regulation. The Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety has advised against its use in cosmetic products.

For both chemicals, the Commission proposes a nine-month transitional period for withdrawing non-compliant products from the market.
The proposals are open for comments until 24 December. »

Chloroacetamide :
Zinc oxide :

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