ECHA Committees Face a ‘Big Wave of New Authorisations’

“Membership expanded to assess applications for chromium VI compounds and ethylene dichloride
Echa’s Risk Assessment (Rac) and Socio-Economic Analysis (Seac) committees have co-opted nine new members, to meet an expected peak of applications for authorisations in 2016.


Rac chairman, Tim Bowmer, said that the committee had appointed five new members to cope with the anticipated rise. The new staff are all occupational hygienists and will help evaluate applications, after the committee’s December meeting.

The increase in applications is due to the likely demand for authorisations for the use of two important substances of very high concern (SVHCs): chromium VI compounds and the solvent ethylene dichloride (EDC). The latest submission dates are 21 March and 22 May 2016 respectively.

Mr Bowmer said he expected 80 applications; 60 for chromium compounds and 20 for EDC. “This will mean probably 120 to 160 opinions will be needed next year,” he said.

Seac chairman, Tomas Oberg, also said that the committee had appointed four new members, anticipating the same workload. “We are trying to build capacity for a big wave of new authorisations,” he told Chemical Watch.

Rac currently has 44 members and Seac 40, not including the chairmen.
Rac’s last meeting in September had three chromium VI compound applications for authorisation on the agenda, incorporating eight uses, and one application for the use of EDC.”

Article from Philip Lightowlers
Echa submission windows for authorisation applications :

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