ECHA Committees Consider PFOA Restriction

« Rac adopts Opinion in support; Seac agrees draft
Echa’s Risk Assessment Committee (Rac) adopted an Opinion in support of a restriction on PFOA, PFOA salts and related substances, at its meeting, last week. The Socio-economic Analysis Committee (Seac) also agreed a draft Opinion, favouring the restriction.


Germany and Norway made the restriction proposal.

PFOA and its salts have been recognised as substances of very high concern (SVHCs), due to persistence, bioaccumulation and toxic (PBT) properties, which cause severe and irreversible effects on the environment and human health.
Rac adopted its Opinion on PFOA at its June meeting this year. However, this now supports a higher concentration limit, compared to the original proposal, for reasons of enforceability.

Chairman Tim Bowmer told Chemical Watch that the original concentration was too challenging to measure. « By accepting a higher limit, we are making it easier and more feasible to enforce, » he said.
Some addition derogations for low volume industrial sectors have also been agreed. These include photolithography and medical devices. The production and use of alternative shorter-chain fluorinated compounds will also be supported.
Seac’s draft Opinion on PFOA was agreed last week, following previous discussions. The committee believes a restriction is the best way to address the risks in proportion to socio-economic costs and benefits. Its Opinion now also includes higher concentration limits, additional derogations and a longer transitional period.

Seac’s Opinion will be published by Echa shortly for a 60-day public consultation, before being reconsidered for final adoption at the committee’s November/December meeting. »

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