UL Webinar: Watching Your CARBs

UL Webinar: Watching Your CARBs
A guide to monitoring formaldehyde emissions in your finished products and supply chain

« Recent news stories of falsified CARB labels have had many retailers and manufacturers concerned about their liability for selling products that have not met regulations.

The potential for lawsuits and damage to brand reputations are driving many to more fully understand the regulations, and how they can demonstrate that their products are safe.

This presentation, which is ideal for retailers and manufacturers of building and furniture products, will provide an overview of indoor air quality and why it is important. It will also cover the basics of CARB requirements, and how CARB testing works. Finally, the presentation will provide ways that retailers and manufacturers can differentiate their products as being low-emitting, and create product differentiation through health-based messaging. »

When: Tuesday, September 29 at 2:00 PM EDT
Presenter: Scott Steady, Product Manager – VOC Emissions Testing and Certification
To register, https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/s/registrations/new?cid=ldrjlzwsxnta


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