The Lowdown on all that’s New in the Natural & Organic Market

« As the global market for natural and organic cosmetics and personal care continues to mature into a mainstream trend that now permeates every category, our latest special newsletter takes a look at the latest developments.

SPA cosmetics, bathroom composition with natural products.

According to latest forecasts from market research provider Grand View Research, the market value will reach USD $ 15.98 billion by the year 2020, and will continue to grow at a CAGR of 9.8 % – rate that trumps all other industry categories.

Likewise, Kline Group estimated that the much larger natural cosmetics market hit $ 30 billion last year and also predicts that the CAGR for market will also grow at around 10 % up to 2019.

More defined products and the developing markets

What is driving this growth is the fact that natural and organic products are much more clearly defined these days, which means consumers are able to identify with them more easily.
Natural and organic are also being adopted at a faster rate in many developing markets, especially in more developed Asian markets and Brazil. This reflects the fact that these consumers are picking up on the message about wellness and the environmental impact of what they buy.

This special newsletter takes a look at three key areas of the natural and organic monitor, including how Asian ingredients are influencing formulations, how technology is unlocking natural ingredient secrets and the need to be consistent with the green message.(…) »

Article by Simon Pitman

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