Shiseido Bangladesh Recognized by UN Development Program

Shiseido‘s activity in Bangladesh to improve social status and lifestyle of rural women by skincare products has been recognized as « Business Call to Action(BCtA) led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
This is the first time for an Asian cosmetic company to be recognized.
In this activity, for rural Bangladesh women with relatively low income, Shiseido has been introducing skin care products called Les Divas and educating them usage. The line, which focuses on cleansing, moisturizing and UV-ray protection, has Halal Certification since 90% of the population is Islamist.

Shiseido also provides support for improving their social status and lifestyle with educational activities, including workshops regarding health, hygiene, and nutrition. This program was highly evaluated as a business model, which can realize both corporate social contribution and business operation at the same time, according to the cosmetics firm.
In Bangladesh, though economic growth recently began mainly in the urban areas, there are still many issues in rural areas including hygiene, nutrition, employment of women, etc. Furthermore, according to Shiseido’s field study, the rural women have only few opportunities to acquire beauty information such as correct skincare regime, as well as makeup products, although they show interests in beauty and skincare.
Based on the field study, from the viewpoint of realizing both corporate social contribution and business operation, Shiseido started to develop and to sell skincare products especially for local women in 2011. Shiseido is also holding educational programs such as workshops regarding health, hygiene and nutrition at the same time. »


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