Reminder- 2nd Conference on European Reference Networks

About the Conference
« DG Health and Food Safety is organising the “2nd conference on European Reference Networks” on 8-9 October 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal.
This 2nd conference, hosted by the Ministry of Health of Portugal, is an event of the Luxembourgish EU Presidency. The event builds on the success of the 1st conference on European Reference Networks which took place in Brussels June 23rd 2014 .

The aim of the conference is to discuss and raise awareness on the state of the art on the organisation of highly specialised networks and centres of expertise across the EU, to present the draft assessment manual and toolbox to be used for assess the Network proposals and to help prepare Health Care Providers for the call for proposals of European Reference Networks that the Commission will launch.


The conference aims to bring together, highly specialised healthcare providers, experts, national authorities, decision-makers, patient and professional organisations and other interested stakeholders.

The conference will focus on the implementation of European Reference Networks and facilitate the exchange of information and expertise on establishing and assessing such Networks. It will look into the next steps of the deployment process, in preparation for the forthcoming call for European Reference Networks in 2016.

Details on the conference
Web streaming of the entire conference

The registration is mandatory and (based on space availability) will be open until the 15th September 2015. Please register, using the dedicated online form.
Due to a limited event capacity, DG SANTE will accept a selected number of participants keeping a balance of the representation of the different interested stakeholders and Member States. After a selection process by DG SANTE, you will receive a confirmation email with further practical information.  »


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